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rajia rimi
Jun 19, 2022
In DIY Forum
"The winners are pretty clear, it's Google and the spammers," said Dan Industry Email List Lisbon , vice president of research at Local SEO Guide Inc., pointing out that spammers siphon off customers and Google cashes in on ads bought by spammers. companies trying to get their ads to appear above spammers. “Everyone loses one way or another. Probably the Industry Email List least affected type of business are large multi-site brands, as mere spam signals will struggle to outweigh the actual relevance and importance of these businesses,” Leibson continued, stating that a fabricated series of “nearby hardware stores” listings would be unlikely to supplant Home Depot from search results. The frequency of fake ads can also impact Industry Email List consumer preferences. Customers who might otherwise support local Industry Email List businesses may instead choose to play it safe by patronizing larger, more well-known businesses, making it even more difficult for smaller or emerging brands to reach new customers. Legitimate local businesses must also compete for remaining customers. It's possible that the practice of adding keywords to a GMB profile was initially a method of regaining organic visibility and fending off fake ads, But it also put other small businesses worse off Industry Email List - especially if they want to follow the rules. What we can do and what needs to be done “Standing out in a sea of ​​fake ads will be all about building a brand and diversifying your local presence,” Youngblood said, “I Industry Email List generally recommend clients focus on Google, Bing, Facebook, Yelp , at least one vertical and of course their own website.” “We also recommend that customers engage locally. Find popular social media accounts in the area and engage with them (not necessarily 'influencers')
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