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Md Shafikul Islam
Jul 14, 2022
In DIY Forum
In summary, the electoral political cleavage was positioned Country Email List between the –a priori– two great ideological tendencies of the country in correísmo vs. anticorreismo, Country Email List a polarization that benefited both tendencies. without polarization In this context, of the fourteen presidential binomials that accompanied the two main political tendencies in dispute, there were Country Email List two that were capable of imposing alternative cleavages. On the one hand, the liberal social candidacy of Xavier Hervas at the head of the Democratic Left (ID), a party that had been plummeting for years; and on the other the political. Arm of the indigenous movement, the Pachakutik movement, with YakuV Country Email List Pérez, an environmental activist and former prefect of Azuay, as a candidate. Country Email List While Hervas, a young agribusiness entrepreneur, positioned himself as the outsider candidate in this race, representing "the new" with a very creative and casual communication strategy that managed to connect with targets of urban youth and enlightened middle-class sectors, Pérez capitalized on the accumulated the mobilizations of October 2019 – an episode of social struggle brutally repressed by Country Email List the State security apparatus – and the defense of Pachamama, added to the rejection of Correismo in various Andean areas, through its opposition to extractive policies and the defense of water . With this, the indigenous candidate also tuned in with youth sectors, in this case with. Environmental sensitivity, and with marginal urban sectors that Country Email List mobilized especially in Quito together with the indigenous sectors . " Yaku es pueblo " was V Country Email List the archetype built around the figure of the indigenous referent during the campaign. These alternative strategies gradually permeated Ecuadorian society and generated a sustained Country Email List and silent growth of support for these new leaderships. All this while a "banker of Opus Dei and of the bank holiday [of 1999]" like Guillermo Lasso disputed the contest on a higher plane with Andrés Arauz, the "candidate of Chavista Bolivarianism supported by Colombian terrorist groups such as the FARC [Revolutionary.
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