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Rina Khatun
Jul 17, 2022
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In the hysteria that followed, some C Level Contact List members of Parliament began to question the loyalty of the person who headed the Department of Russian Language and Literature at the University of Melbourne. It was a kind of legally permitted smear campaign. She was a Russian named Nina Mikhailovna Christesen, married to the C Level Contact List director of a literary magazine who was a friend of my father. My parents, like other members of the left-wing intelligentsia with college-age children, suggested that I study Russian so that C Level Contact List Nina's number of students would increase and things would be easier for her. So that's what I did. She took the first Russian course, which was all that was required. But after I finished that C Level Contact List course, I thought, “I don't know enough about the language to make it useful. I will also do the second year». And in fact, I took the second year in Russian, which gave me enough reading knowledge to C Level Contact List take the risk of dealing with a topic using Russian sources for my fourth year history research essay. And that led me to become a historian of Russia. Although you are well known for C Level Contact List your work on Stalinism, and also for your book The Russian Revolution, your first work was dedicated to the figure of Anatoli Lunacharsky, the People's Commissar for Education after the October Revolution. Why was she attracted to that C Level Contact List particular character? It wasn't exactly because he was my hero, though I did look at him with interest and generally benevolence. But there were some good reasons for undertaking a C Level Contact List study of Lunacharsky. First of all, in the ussrthey had just begun to publish their collected works. That is to say, they were publishing the necessary material to develop an intellectual C Level Contact List biography, which is what I initially intended to write.
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